The common questions we receive from our customers are all covered in our FAQ section.


Frequently Asked Questions

What times can I book for membership?

The time slots are: 

  • 7AM – 12PM
  • 1PM – 6PM
  • 7PM – 12AM

Is there an application for membership?

No, there is not!

Can I book an additional time slot if I run out of what's included in my package?

Yes! It is based on availability.

  • $55 per additional Private time slot
  • $45 per additional Shared time slot


How do I book my time slot?

We release time slots one month in advance. For example, August time slots will be available to book at 8AM on July 1st. To ensure you get the time slots of your choice, make sure to be one of the first to reserve.

What do you need to bring to my appointment?

All supplies needed to perform your service. 

We will provide:

  • Chair or Bed
  • Wall Mirror
  • Shampoo Bowl or Sink
  • Portable Dryer Upon Request
  • Supply Cart

Can I book a full day?

Not at this time. Although, you can book two consecutive time slots per day!

Will the person sharing the suite be performing a different type of service?

No. There will never be a time when an esthetician would be put in a shared room with a salon service. The shared rooms will always have a cohesive set-up.

Can I use my membership at all 3 locations?

Yes! We are happy to provide 2 locations for you to choose to see your clients. Beya West End coming soon as a third option!

Is there more than 1 washbowl in a shared studio?

Yes! We want to ensure there are no delays with your service. Each shared room will be equipped with 2 washing stations.

Can I play music?

Yes, music can be played at a reasonable volume and must be appropriate for ALL guests.

What happens if I go over my designated time?

Please make sure you are managing your time appropriately. If you go over your designated time, a $100 late fee is applied.

What happens if I break something?

Please report it to a Beya staff member. You will be responsible for covering the cost to repair or replace.

Can I share my membership?

NO. This is against our policy and we take this very seriously. If a membership is shared, you will no longer be able to book with Beya again as well as forfeit any rights to money already paid.

What happens if I accidentally take the linens?

If linens are accidentally taken please notify a Beya staff member and bring them back the following booking session. If this becomes a repeated offense you will be charged to replace.

If I cancel my booking can it be credited back?

If you cancel within the allotted time frame, your session hours will be credited back to your account to use at a different time within the month.

What number can I call for emergencies?

In case of Emergencies, please contact us at (404) 734-2213

Is there a cell phone policy?

To accommodate everyone in the space, please limit talking on the phone unless it’s a emergency

What is the Check in Policy?

You will be asked to present a valid Driver’s License, and obtain your access code to your designated work space. If it is your first time visiting the studio, please allow additional time for a small orientation. 

How early should I arrive for check in?

Please arrive at your appointment 30 mins before to complete the check-in process  and get set up in your studio.

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Check Availabity

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